New Simulator Challenge: Rocket Raccoon Set
A continuation of the Guardians of the Galaxy Simulator Challenges! Finish the Rocket Raccoon Challenge Set before it expires to complete the One of Us task and earn the Guardian Insignia.

New Uniform: Guardian Rocket Raccoon
Complete the Rocket Raccoon Challenge Set to unlock the Guardian Rocket Raccoon uniform!

Class: Blaster/Generalist
  • Self Passive: Knowhere to Run
    • Successful attacks by Guardians of the Galaxy are guaranteed to be critical hits
      • Affects Guardian Uniforms Only

  • Resolved an issue with incorrect rewards appearing in the PVP daily reward.
  • Ammo Cells now grant an Extra Turn on actions that require Ammo Cells
  • Rocket Raccoon’s actions are no longer Quick Actions, allowing him to benefit from his Blaster class bonus
  • Damage from Star-Lord’s Trick Shot has been slightly reduced
  • Damage from Drax’s Obliterate, Hack and Slash, and Daggerfall have been slightly reduced
  • Damage from Rogue’s Brawl has been slightly reduced
  • Red Hulk’s Bulwark now has a 1 Round Cooldown